Rock & Roll Chicken, Jalepenos, lime & lager


Saturday night ’round my house starts at about 5.30/6.00pm and it kicks off with a monstrous Gin and Tonic with cucumber (usually in my pants and a t-shirt because I’m classy that way) – there are only two ways the night will go 1: me and my better half solving the worlds problems over beer in the local pub before a quite cook-up back at home or 2: a deluge of hungry-heads making a mess of my home and demanding food, booze, entertainment and possible accommodation – either is good but I prefer prior warning and planning if and when scenario 2 is on the cards.

Sometimes warnings don’t make it through though, the pigeon gets shot down over no-mans land and its then that  improvisational cooking is critical if only to prevent mass unrest in my kitchen..I like my kitchen, I don’t want it turned into a war zone.

So Chicken is always a great fall back – who doesn’t like (or at least is willing to eat) chicken (I hear people screaming ‘Vegetarians’!!) – this ‘Rock n Roll’ Chicken was born outta necessity and requires only limited brain power – all you need is some spice, frying oil a touch of flour, Bill Haley and beered-up punters in your kitchen  and eyeing up you Superhero action figures.

This is kinda like Southern Fried chicken, its double dipped meaning it’s incredibly crispy and needs to be served  with a hot tomato Aioli! 

WHAT YOU NEED – feeds 6 (maybe)

6 chicken fillets

150 grams ’00’ flour

1 carton of butter milk (must be butter milk)

1 tbs sweet paprika

1 tbs cayenne pepper

1 tbs salt

2 tps cracked black pepper

2 tps onion granules

Pickled jalapeno peppers

For the Tomato Aioli

1 tbs Sun-dried tomato pesto

1 egg yolk

100mls rapeseed oil

1 tps English mustard



Step1: cube the chicken to 1″ x 1″ roughly, plonk into  alarge bowl and cover with the butter milk for 12 hours

Step2: make the chicken ‘dredge’ – combine flour, paprika, cayenne, salt, pepper and onion granules – you can taste the dredge at this stage it will give you an approximation of the end result ie heat, spice, seasoning.

Step3: make the aioli (basically Mayo) – add the egg and mustard to a food processor on full blade spin then slowly trickle in the rapeseed until the mixture is emulsified and forms a basic Mayo consistency. Then you can add the sun-dried tomato pesto to finish.

Step4: get a deep pan or a wok on the heat and bring the rapeseed oil up to abouyt 190c (you can always check the temperature of oil by dropping in a piece of bread – if it rises to the top and sizzles you are good to go.

Step5: drain the chicken from the butter milk and coat in the seasoned dredge, pat off the excess then back into the buttermilk, drain then back into the dredge again (double dip).

Step6: shallow fry the chicken in about 3-4 batches then serve with a wedge of lime the pickle jalapeno and some good larger!




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