Homemade Mayo

I stopped using shop bought mayo a long time ago, simply because it’s goop. My philosophy in terms of food has always been if I can make I will. The spin of benefit to this is that invariably what you consume will be less processed and better for you.

Homemade Mayo takes about 5minutes to make and lasts for well over a couple of weeks in the fridge. The difference is immediately visual as home made has a more vibrant yellow colour as a result of quality free range egg yolk.

This recipe will make one small jar and can used with anything your own personal taste dictates. My favourite way with mayo is to use it on freshly boiled ham sandwiches.

1 free range egg yolk
1tsp of English mustard
1 tsp of lemon juice or 1/2 tsp of white wine vinegar
Salt and white pepper to taste
Vegetable oil
Olive oil to taste

Separate the egg yolk and drop into a deep bowl
Add the mustard, lemon (or vinegar), Salt and pepper – a pinch of each but you can regulate as you go.

Set the bowl with the ingredients on a damp table cloth to stop it from bouncing around and whisk until you  have what looks like a runny custard. Keep whisking as you gently drizzle in the veg oil, the mixture will start to ‘take’ or thicken –  you’ll know it hasn’t if it gets runnier (you have added too much oil too quickly).

Keep going with this until your mayo resembles what you would expect mayo to look like – soft peaks are a good indicator. At this stage you can add a little good olive oil for flavour at the back end….using only olive oil is a huge no no by the way – it’s tastes bloody awful..I know!!

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