Carbonara with Courgette

I’ve had arguments with people in pubs over Carbonara, specifically about the whole ‘cream or no cream’ debate. As far as I am concerned the classic Carbonara has NO cream so there.

Like Pizza, less is more is really the key to this dish but in this instance I have added shredded courgette simply because I felt like it. This dish can carry other flavours including meat and veg so mess around with this basic idea and see what falls out.

Also, the choice of pasta (here spaghetti) is purely personal preference, again muck around with other styles of pasta and see what you prefer.

Makes 2 bowls for moderately hungry people

100 grams pasta
2 egg yolks (only)
100 grams Parmesan finely grated
Cracked black pepper (at the end so personal preference)
Shredded  courgette – about 100grams
50grams of smoked Pancetta

This is swift and easy:

Whisk together the egg yolks and Parmesan in a deep bowl, fry the Pancetta till crispy, bung in the Courgette and let cook down lightly (ie turn the heat off at this stage).

Add pasta to boiling, salted water and cook out as Pasta should be – Al Dente!!!

With tongs, remove the pasta and add to the egg and cheese mix taking any water that happens to want to go with it – this will help make the dish creamy, silk and light. The egg will begin to cook out but not scramble, at this stage add the Pancetta and Courgette and serve immediately – no hanging around as this dish only works seconds after coming out of the kitchen. Finish with cracked black pepper to your own taste (that’s the Carbonara bit by the way!!)

Serve this with Crusty bread and good Caprese salad!!

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