King Scallops with mates.

Not so much a recipe as a great bloody evening made all the better for the fact that these little beauties had been served up to us straight from the bottom of the bay via the grill. Little did they know when they shuffled out of the sand that morning 🙂

I’ve never seen a scallop done on a BBQ grill but it’s a revelation. If you had have asked me about cooking them before this I would have given the stock method ie hot pan, oil, butter, 1 minute on each side, caramelised on the outside and soft in the middle, garlic butter, minced parsley taa daaaa (35quid please). This though is a different proposition, it’s now finger food, rip and pull fodder, discard the ‘bits’ and peg the shells where you sit, suck a beer and play more music…..and bloody wonderful. Out goes the pomp and circumstance of a stuffy restaurant in comes scociality, friendship, sharing, fun, interesting stuff done to food but above all, mind blowing flavour…as mentioned these big boyos where happily flapping around the bay minutes before the found there way into our bellies.

Search out these people and places. Travel around the Country and annoy the locals about these things… they will tell you…you will be amazed and quite possibly changed for ever…for the better.

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