Homemade Tartar Sauce

Fish and Chips WITHOUT Tartar sauce is the equivilant of having a skateboard without wheels – looks good but the most important bit is missing. You can argue all day that all you need is salt, vinegar and maybe ketchup….YOU’RE WRONG 🙂

You can make this and store it for a few months in a killner jar, so no need to buy that supermarket rubbish to slather all over a huige piece of cod covered in crispy batter, with mushy peas and chips.

Fills a small killner jar
Homemade Mayo – recipe on this site – about 5-6 good tablespoons
3 tps of drained capers
2 gerkins
Handful of chopped flat leaf parsley
1 hard boiled egg
Squeeze of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Run your knife through the Gerkin, Capers, Parsley and egg and mix into the Mayo.

Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper to your own taste. Ultimatley you want a zesty but creamy vibe from this with a background of sour from the gerkins.

My own feeling on this is that it should only be used with breaded or battered fish – its robust and stands with big textures and flavours such as good batter. I would keep it away from more delicate fish that needs nothing more than maybe some butter and lemon.

Whilst this will keep for quite some time, keep an eye on it as there is egg in the recipe. I usually get a good 2 months as long as it’s in good killner in the fridge.

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