30 second cookies

OK, I’ll be the first to stand up and say I’m not a ‘sweet’ or ‘dessert’ guy, I never have been. I have more of a ‘Kebab’ rather than sweet tooth but I found myself making these before I realised what I was doing…..I went out and killed a cow and ate it raw right after so it’s OK.

These are pretty cool little cookies (I feel weird sayin’ that, but they are), treat this recipe as a blank canvass so if you’re into it you can wang in chocolate chips, dried fruit or just leave plain. They are dainty, elegant and ‘foppish’….enjoy, I’m off now to hunt naked in a forest somewhere, preferably covered in an animals blood.

Makes 1 dozen ooohhhh so dainty cookies 😉
200 grams self raising flour (or wholegrain spelt flour if you can)
1 Tps baking powder
1 Tps cinnamon powder
1 Tps caster sugar
100 grams Honey (or golden syrup)
50 grams sunflower oil
50 grams melted butter (unsalted)

Right – no muckin’ around get all of the above into a bowl, mix well to a ‘cement’ consistency (manly). Oil a baking tray and spoon a teaspoon of the mix out at spaced intervals on the tray – they will expand during cooking hence the spacing.

8-12 minutes in a full tilt oven – when they come out they will be slightly gooey but they will harden when they cool.

Serve on their own or with a huge dod of clotted cream………now go buy a fire arm and think about Meringues.

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