Sun Dried tomato and Red onion Tapenade

I recently wandered into Jamie Oliver’s store in Clapham, London and found myself dribbling like a mental patient after an extensive bout of eletro-therapy…it was a very groovy place…..I hate him! Asides from all of the stuff you can buy (food, kitchen-ware, books) they run evening cookery classes where you get the oppo to cook with a few other people of a similar bent and basically shoot the breeze – occasionally the lad himself  drops in, but he was a to shy to meet me when I was there. So, if you find yourself standing at Clapham Junction train station, take a wander up the road and drop in (don’t mention my name, I stole some bits and pieces so I’m persona-non-grata at the minute).

This Tapenade is a great addition to a cold meats and cheese platter – it’s sweet and garlicky and perfect on hot toast. It also doubles as a great meat topper – ie – spread it on a chicken breast and grill it.

Small Kilner jar full of Tapenade:

100grams of Sun dried tomatoes – in oil
1/2 red onion chopped
2 tps of caper berries (or 1 tps capers)
1 tps white wine vinegar
Salt and Pepper at hand.
Olive oil, about 150mils

This is a ‘one finger’ wonder – lash all of the ingredients into a blitzer and use ‘one finger’ to mince it all up!

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