Triple threat seed loaf

So, I admit it I have a real soft spot for bread making. It’s understandable from where I’m sitting and I ain’t making any apologies for periodically whacking a loaf recipe in here. This particular loaf was born out of boredom, simple as that. I spent the day saving the city dressed in a jet black ninja outfit and was at a loose end, so my first thought as I swung in through my window on a silk ninja rope was “what would happen if I made a loaf from all of the remaining bags of flour in the kitchen and some seeds” – one white, one rye and one brown – well I found out and this is it!

Triple threat seed loaf – ninja style

200 grams strong white bread flour
200 grams strong brown bread flour
100 grams rye flour
300 grams warm water
10 grams dried yeast
1 tbs honey or treacle
10 grams salt
handful of mixed seeds

The usual skinny here when it comes to bread making – combine all the dried ingredients in a big ‘ol bowl, mix up then lash in the water and honey. Get in with a fork first and then your pinkies and bring it all together in a big dough ball and turn out onto a floured top.

Stretch, pull, fold, rip and generally insult the dough for 10minutes until it becomes smooth and ‘less tacky’ – add a little more flour if you need to but don’t worry about to much ‘tack’ in the dough. Oil up the bowl again and drop in the dough ball, cling it and shove it in the hot press for a couple of hours.

Next up (after the 2 hour rising) punch the dough….a lot….to get the air out then knead again for a couple of minutes, form into a ball and drop onto a baking tray, cover with a light tea towel and leave for about 60 minutes. After this proving stage the bread should wobble like a jelly – whack in a full tilt oven for 30 minutes or until the base sounds like Van Halen’s bass drum when you tap it.

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