Super Greekness!!

The first time I went to Greece my jaw literally hit the deck.
It wasn’t Athens or Corfu or Lesbos (!?) or Crete or anywhere else…..nope, my mate Pete invited me to hang out at his parent place in a little fishing village called Galaxidi…the greatest place on the face of the Earth 3 hours South of Athens and free from any tourist in any shape fashion or form!! If you ever have the happen stance to be there please, please, please tell know one about it 🙂

If there’s one thing that has stuck with me since my first trip there over 10 years ago it was the meat…..and the Zatziki……and the tomatoes…….and the Ouzo…..and the BBQ’d goat….and the sea……and the olives…….and the…..well you get the idea yeah?This dish is nothing compared to the food I was given at a Greek BBQ we were invited to – all that was served was a huge bowl of the greatest Zatiki and big lumps of non-descript hunks of goat, stuck on two swords and thrown directly onto hot coals in a pit in the ground. This was all washed back with mountains of Raiki and I’ll tell you this… was heaven!!

Greek style lamb and salad. – serves 2
(If you can get goat, then use it, it’s not readily available round these parts but of you know a guy who knows a guy….)

2 good quality lamb steaks
Olive oil,
2 cloves crushed garlic
2-3 tbs dried Oregano
2 good fat pinchessea salt and cracked black pepper

If you can then cook these ‘hard’ on a flaming hot BBQ – you want pink in the middle and a healthy deep chared colour on the poutside.

Kick off by marinating the lamb for 24 hours in all but the salt (leave that to the last minute – just before cooking). When you ready to roll the sling onto your BBQ or under the grill.


Serve with a healthy dose of Zatiki (recipe on this site) and a Greek style salad – see pic above.

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