Spaghetti with Cavelo Nero and Porcini

There’s one huge pet hate I have when it comes to Italian food…..Italian food outside of Italy that is…..cream in pasta. I fucking hate it and eateries outside Italy continue to load some of the sauces with cream and in some cases…butter!!!
The only thing butter and cream do in a pasta sauce is mask the subtle flavours of the other ingredients……and turbo boost you on your way to a heart attack.
No need for cream or butter in pasta sauce!!!
The biggest culprit is the classic Carbonara…nearly everywhere I have been in Ireland with Carbonara on the menu has it ruined with a double cream sauce you could swim in and ridiculously over cooked green and white tag!
 Rant over.
Check this bad lad out instead…and stay away from cream unless it’s in an Irish coffee or you’re licking it off someone.

Serves 2
120grams straight up Spaghetti
Handful of dried procinis soaked in hot water
Big bunch of Cavelo Nero, stalked, chopped and just cooked, drained and cooled
White wine
As much garlic as you are into minced
One egg yolk whisked
Salt and pepper
1/2 white onion finely chopped
To roll, get the pasta into boiling water. You will bring this dish together in the one pan.
In another shallow pan fry off the garlic and onion, then sling in the wine and reduce.
Next in with the mushrooms with 1/2 the soaking liquid, then the Cavelo Nero.
Reduce the heat to a minimum and when the pasta is cooked left it straight into the pan with the onions, mushrooms etc next in with the egg yolk and work fast – stir well until the egg takes without scrambling.

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