Ma Kelly’s Pasta with meat sauce

Spaghetti with a rich meat sauce
Garlic and herb meat sauce

‘Not Spag Bol’

So this is not a Bolgnese recipe.

I’ve recently been tinkering with pasta sauces and in truth there’s nothing you can’t set against a good pasta in terms of a sauce. I have to say though I do not subscribe to the ‘right pasta for the right sauce’ idea – personally I reckon that’s rubbish. Now that might get me dragged through the streets of Naples and locked in the stocks but, hey it’s all going in my face so I ain’t that bothered if the pasta to sauce ratio is outta whack!

Serves 4

400 grams Spaghetti

500 grams lean beef

Fist full of fresh basil leaves

1 red onion diced

4 cloves of garlic, minced

a big, big squirt of tomato puree

a big, squirt of anchovie paste

100mls chicken stock

2 tps dried rosemary

The anchovie paste is the key to this – it brings a huge richness to the dish and depth of flavour. If you can’t get the paste then use fillets, not as good but close! Kick off by browing down the onions, makes them sweet, then in with the tomato puree and cook out fro a few minutes. If and when this mix gets a little dry then just sling in a little water to lossen things up – you’ll want at least 2 minutes cooking the paste out.

Next in with the beef and garlic brown well – finally in with the the garlic, anchovie paste, basil, rosemary, tomatoes and stock – sling on the lid and simmer down for 30-40minutes

Done deal – serve with sough dough garlic bread and break the big Italian rule – equal quantities of meat sauce and pasta!!

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