The Simple Burger

Homemade beef burger
Homemade burger the right way


This is the 42nd Street stuffed beef burger…and it rocks.

There are two schools of thoughts on burger making, in one camp you have those that prefer a giant ball of beef stacked as high as a barn door and in the other (my camp) there are those that believe a burger needs to balance up against it’s complimentary parts ie the bun, the salad and the toppings and in so doing be a ‘wider’ burger.

This is just a personal thing but I hate those monster burgers you a need a degree in geometry and a broadsword to take down…for me it’s gotta be a wide burger balanced well with a home-made bap and just one or two simple toppings.

This is called the 42nd Street Burger simple because I had this conversation with a guy on 42nd Street in Manhattan a few years back and we both a agreed that flat and wide is better than a giant ball of beef..hard to argue…he owned one of the best burger joints I have ever eaten in.

WHAT YOU NEED: Makes 4 burgers

250grams quality minced beef (80/20 if you can get it)

100grams Parmesan cheese

2 tps American yellow mustard

2 tbs Worcester sauce

Salt and cracked black pepper

1 whole egg

10 crackers

1/2 a large red onion finely diced

Homemade Beef Burger
The stuffed 42nd Street Burger

Step1: First things is first…do not use those awful ‘Bundies’ baps please!! They are dry, they fall apart and they all out suck! If you can make your own simple white baps, if not then pick up some quality buns such as Ciabbata or something similar.

Step2: Kick off by making the burger mix – simply combine all of the ingredients above, pinch off a small piece of the mix and fry – this is just to check seasoning and flavour.

Step3: When you are happy with the mix split it into 4 and mould 4 wide flat patties about 1.5cms thick.

Step4: Split the baps in two and if you have made your own simply scoop out some of the bread from the top part and fill it with a red cabbage slaw (click here for the recipe) – this is your stuffing.

Step5: Fry the burgers (or grill) in a wide frying pan then lay on the pre-mayo,mustard,onion, tomato and rocket bap base – top with the stuffed top part and your good to go!


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