Spiced lamb keftas

Spring lamb Kebabs
Spring lamb Kebabs

Amazing Moroccan Lamb kebabs

Is there anything better than meat on a stick that’s been hit with serious heat, covered in hot and cool sauces? If there is and you know what it is……keep it to yourself, I’m happy with what I have thanks.

The key to these is using cuts of spring lamb that your butcher would usually sell you for a stew. So for this kebab dish you want off-cuts so you can really pack the kebab sticks!

Enough for 4 people

2lbs Spring lamb ‘cuts’

200mls olive oil

1 tbs sweet paprika

1 tbs cumin powder

1 tbs coriander powder

2 cloves garlic minced

2 tps salt flakes

2 tps cracked black pepper

2 tps dried oregano

2 tps cayenne pepper

So this is yet another one of my marinade for ages recipes…it can take it, big time! Start by making the marinade – combine everything above, mix well and taste..it should take your head off.

Sling the lamb into a large bowl and pour in the marinade, work it through the meat making sure all of it is coated. Cling and sling in the fridge for at least 2 hours….but two days would be better!

After 2 hours take the lamb pieces and ‘pack’ them onto small kebab skewers that you have soaked for a couple of hours in water…stops ’em burning.

Arrange the kebabs on a grill tray and get them under a seriously hot grill..or bounce them onto a BBQ if it ain’t raining.

These will only take  a few minutes – 3-4 on each side to cook out.

Serve the with fiery Chili and a cooling garlic sauce and wrap them up in warm flat breads!


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