Sweet and smoky pickled onions

Pickled Onions
Aged Balsamic Onions

So my Dad has a bit of a glut of shallots at the minute hence the appearance of a bag full of these amazing little gems in my kitchen today!!

When I think about pickled onions I think about a brilliant pub I used to go to In Belfast…it was called The Kitchen Bar and I ain’t sure if it’s still there (maybe someone can let me know??) but that was the place that introduced me to ‘pub’ pickled onions and pickled eggs –  both standing proudly in great big jars on the bar! Pints and Pickled onions…friggin’ amazing!!

So these are a nod to The Kitchen Bar..thank you but I’ve stepped thing sup a gear and timely enough these babies work insanely well with my Pork Pie

Shallots: 15 to 20 depending on size

1 tps coriander seeds

2 tps castor sugar

1 tps dried chili flakes

250 mls good Balsamic vinegar 

1 tps salt

1 tps cracked black pepper

Kick off by peeling the shallots to leave a nice whole shallot, add all the shallots to a 1/2 liter kilner jar.

Next get the pickling liquid together – combine coriander, sugar, chili flakes, salt and pepper and the balsamic then add to the kilner jar with the shallots. If you need to top the liquid off then simply use some good pickling vinegar then pop the lid and its good bye to these babies for at least 1 month – but 2 is better so these will be ready for Christmas……( I can’t believe I used the ‘C’ Word!)


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