Pot Stickers

Chicken and Prawn Dumplings
Chicken and Prawn Pot Stickers


One from the archives here but one I return to again and again and again – two reasons 1. they’re ridiculously delicious and 2. there’s a bit of theatre and drama involved in the cooking.

Doing pot stickers is a crackin’ party piece especially if you’re lucky enough to have a hob that people can sit around and observe as they quaff down your expensive imported Hong Kong Ale ale (I’m not bitter).

Pot stickers are named appropriately – they stick to the pot (or wok) and as a result you end up with a wonderful crispy skin…BUT…you also include a steaming element resulting in a soft and silky skin…”what wicthcraft is this” – well it’s kinda cool as you are essential melding the Steamed wonton and the Deep fried wonton which gives you a pot sticker.

So Pot Stickers are simply dumplings, filled with whatever you want – the ever classic chicken and Prawn or the less known Beef and Mushroom. This recipe adheres to the classic Chicken and Prawn.

Get your mates round and give this a shot.

Makes 12 Pot Stickers


12 wonton wrappers

10 raw tiger prawns

4 small chicken thighs, boned and skinned

2tbs Hoisin sauce

2tbs Oyster sauce

1tbs light Soy sauce

2 spring onions

1/2 birds eye chili

1tps cane sugar

1tps Chinese 5 spice

4 cloves garlic


Kick off by making the Prawn and Chicken filling – drop all of the ingredients (except the wonton wrappers) into a blitzer and wazz to a rough paste. To check the seasoning just take a small teaspoon of the mix and nuke it in the microwave for  a few seconds – this is the only opportunity to check it so season until you are happy before wrapping things up. I prefer the nuke method as this represents more accurately what the final steamed version will taste like.

Pot Stickers
Prawn and Chicken filling

Making the wrappers is entirely up to your own groove – fold in half, make a little ‘beggars purse’ or just bring up the corners like this:


Pot Stickers
Little Dumplings


Next up is the fun bit – heat up a  wide frying pan with about 2 tbs veg oil and get it spitting hot. Drop in the wrapped dumplings and brown on one side only – then sling in about 100mls of boiling water – be warned things get pretty funky now so stand back and cover the pan with a wide baking tray to create a steamer.

A cool alternative to water is to use rice wine – it will give the wontons a funky kick but it’s entirely optional.

Simply leave the pot stickers in the pan until the water boils off completely – your pot sticker should now be done but just cut into them to check.

To serve I usually lug over some seseame oil and soy – but these pot stickers are equally perfect on their own eaten as an accompaniment to your really good expensive imported Hong Kong ale (!!!!!)




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