The ‘All in’ Gallette……

Spicy Sausage Galette
Faux Pizza

Someone once called this a French Pizza and I reckon they have  a point because it has all the hall-marks of a Pizza and all the components of a French Gallette. So, I’m happy to roll with that..French Pizza it is!

I’ll put my hands up here and admit that this particular recipe was not intentional…it’s a ‘work-a-round’…..a ‘food-hack’ if you will! I had promised some mates a pizza after the pub back at mine and, well a few beers in and I realised I had forgotten to actually make any dough! fear not thought I there gotta be a way around this that placate a baying hoard of beered up ruffians..I just hadn’t figured what that might be.

Thankfully I keep a stash of frozen pastry in my freezer for emergencies…such as these…..which came galloping to the rescue, the rest was more improvised fridge raiding – spicy italian sausage, bell peppers, goats cheese, courgette, Parmesan, pesto. suffice to say this improvised ‘faux-pizza’ saved the day!

Ingredients serves 4

1 full sheet of ready made puff pastry

Spicy Italian sausage sliced to about 1 cm thick (or chorizo)

1 medium Courgette sliced to about 1 cm thick

1 bell pepper (green and Red) – seeded and roughly chopped

Goats cheese to scatter – about 100grams

Parmesan, fresh grated to scatter – about 50 grams

2-3 tbls of sun-dried tomato pesto


Kick things off by laying out the pastry flat on a floured baking tray – if you have semolina flour use it as it adds texture aswell as preventing stick-age.

‘Paint’ the sun-dried tomato pesto all over the pastry – up to about 1″ from the edges (pizza stylie).

In another baking tray oil up and season well the peppers and courgette – place in a pre-heated 200c oven until just soft – about 10-15 minutes tops! Take out and allow to cool.

Next scatter the sausage and goat’s cheese over the pastry then the cooled peppers and courgette – then in to the oven (still at 200c) and bake until puffed and the toppings start to char a little.

Serve with a healthy topping of parmesan and watch as it is ripped to shreds….or is that just my mates…….?





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