The ‘Joe 90’s’ : Flaming onion rings with lemon & Spiced mayo

Deep Fried Onion Rings
Joe 90’s

I’m big on balance.

Maybe I should qualify that a little more. I don’t mean I can tight rope…not yet anyway.

Nope, I’m big on ‘everything in moderation’…but that’s a boring cliché which is why I’m going with big on balance. This seeps into all aspects of my life…work, exercise, sport, food, booze……particularly food. So following this credo means I deny myself absolutely nothing and these bad lads, my ‘Joe 90’s’ are a perfect example of the spicy bad assed yang in my culinary repertoire. There is some Yin in there..check out my spiced Chicken kebabs if you need a nudge 😉

As you probably already know I don’t push ‘healthy’, nope I pedal balance the ‘get stuck in’ approach….if you want healthy then check out The Little Green Spoon, this chick will have you skinny before you can say “hey does my bum look big in this”? ().

So that being said, if you have been very good and spent the afternoon at the MMA gym breaking heads then knock yourself out with these Flaming Onion rings with lemon and Spiced mayo.

INGREDIENTS – serves 2

2 large white onions

200 grams ’00’ flour

A few slugs of good pale ale

1-2 tbs very hot curry powder

3-4 tbs Mayo

1 tbs Mild chili powder

1 tbs Smoked paprika

2 tps salt

Veg oil for frying


Step 1

Fried Onions rings
Slice – medium thick

Peel the onions and slice into medium thick rings, push out the large and medium ones and leave the smaller rings for something else – sauces etc.

Step 2

Spiced onion rings
Batter up!

Combine the flour, ale and curry powder and mix well until you have a double cream consistency

Step 3

Fried onion rings


Dump the rings into the batter and coat well – they can sit in the fridge until you need them, just give them a re-dunk if needed.

Step 4

Mayo and Onion Rings
Spiced Mayo

Next get the mayo dip together,  combine the mayo, chili powder and paprika and a squeeze-ette of lemon juice. Season to taste and adjust as you need.

Step 5

Spicy Onion rings

Get a deep wok or deep fryer on and bring the oil up to about 180c – drop the coated rings in 2-3 at a time and fry until golden. Drain and keep warm.

Simply serve with the spiced mayo a couple of wedges of lemon and a great pale ale – and in keeping with all things in balance, make sure you plan a stride on the beach or up a mountain tomorrow followed by some Green Spoon action

Deep Fried Onion Rings
Joe 90’s






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