Parmesan crusted Prawn Po Boys

Po Boy
The Magnificent Po Boy

I’m a card carrying, little red-book waving, fully paid up member of the Fish-Finger Sandwich Club – I’m a proud member and I’m running for president. Now…when I say Fish Finger Sandwich I do not mean the frozen Captain Birdseye crappola with limb pan loaf…oooooh no…I mean the mighty, mighty ‘Prawn Po Boy’.

Typically found in and around the Southern United States these Sandwiches will blow your socks off – soft white Sub-Rolls, crunchy lettuce and onion and marvelously fat tiger prawns deep fried in a Parmesan crumb….now that is a Fish Finger Sandwich boy!

What you need for 4

500 grams fat tiger prawns

4 soft/seeded Sub-Rolls

Ice burg lettuce finely sliced

1 red onion finely sliced

1 egg beaten

100 grams plain flour

200 grams fresh breadcrumbs

100 grams fresh grated Parmesan cheese

4 fat gerkins finely sliced

Lemon, quartered

For the Marie Rose Sauce

4 tbs Mayo

2 tbs tomato ketchup

2 tps Brandy

2 tps Worcestershire sauce

1 tps Cayenne pepper

Pinch of salt

How you do it

Step 1: Dust the prawns in the flour, then dump into the beaten egg and coat well. Combine the Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs then add then add in the egg coated prawns and coat well. Set to one side or fridge until you are ready to eat.

Step 2: Combine all of the sauce ingredients – its should be light pink and have a right brandy and hot kick to it.

Step 3: Slice the sub  rolls into 2, paint with the Marie Rose sauce, scatter over the lettuce and onion ready to receive the deep fried tigers from a height!

Step 4: Get a deep fryer on (or a wok with veg oil) and up to about 190c – then in batches add the crumbed Prawns and cook until light golden brown but as always cut into one to make sure – solid white all the way through.

Step 5: Arrange the subs on some newspapers (this gets messy) then scatter over the deep fried prawns , sliced gerkins, lemons and finally spoon over the sauce (or leave on the side)

Done deal……if you are interested in becoming a member of the just established from my Saturday bed Po Boy Club drop me a line…we can work up some T-Shirts!

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