What I serve with Ribs – my remoulade

not a typical remoulade


As far as I am concerned ‘sides’ should carry as much weight as the ‘main’ they are served with.

In fact I don’t even like that type of ‘segmentation’ or ‘class structure’ when it comes to food – I don’t subscribe to the meat-and-two-veg school of thought where sometimes the star of the show is usually the slab of beef or chunk of fish and the sides are there to simply make up the numbers.

I picked up this attitude at a very early age as my Mum’s friend (and second Mother to me) Paddi whirled me around some of North London’s exotic eateries during one long magically summer month when I was 9. Lebanese, Moroccan, Caribbean, Italian and Ethiopian food were the standards and for me this was mind-blowing – thankfully I wasn’t a picky eater even after I was informed that a new wonderful, creamy, pink dip called Taramasalata I had just discovered was in fact fish eggs……I didn’t even look up…………….

I don’t think this anything particularly new but I have experienced meals where the ‘side’ was little more than an after thought…..and a friggin’ lazy one at that! So everything I cook I consider the ‘main act’ and one primo example of this is the humble coleslaw…well not humble in my house…its a friggin’ rock start. This stuff is Lennon to McCartney and Jagger to Richards……exactly the way sides should be…….not sides…..

WHAT YOU NEED – makes fairly sizeable bowl enough for a bout 4

1 small celeriac

1/4 small white cabbage (or red if you’re feeling artsy fartsy)

1 medium red onion

1 fat ripe tomato

1 tbs creme fraiche

1 tbs straight up mayo

1 tbs grainy mustard

juice of 1/2 small lemon

Salt and pepper

Handful of flat leaf parsley


STEP1: Pretty easy method here – peel and finely shred the celeriac, cabbage and red onion and mix well together in a deep bowl. Dice the tomato and finely chop the parsley then add to the shredded veg.

STEP2: Next dollop in the creme fraiche, mayo,mustard and again mix really well – just use your hands.

STEP3: Finish the remoulade/coleslaw with plenty of seasoning and the lemon juice.

STEP4: This is a knock out on its own but like most great dishes it reaches new levels with a partner and my soft spot are my BBQ Ribs








2 thoughts on “What I serve with Ribs – my remoulade

    1. My Dad is an expert in this field…he has a garden most would kill for so his start point for any meal isn’t the Butcher or fishmonger but the veg-patch or the strore-cupboard – then he’ll draw down on the ‘flesh’ elements.

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