Monkfish Goujons with a Parmesan crust

Fish Goujons
Crusted Monkfish Goujons ©rory kelly

 “Big Scampi…these are just big-assed Scampi right”?

That kinda logic is pretty hard to argue with and it’s an observation made by a buddy of mine on these Monkfish Goujons…and, well he’s bang on the money – these are big-assed scampi!

It’s hard to imagine that Monkfish ‘back in the day’ (circ 1976) was almost entirely destined to be turned into scampi…. nothing more, nothing less. When the late 80’s and 90’s circled into view the poor bugger ended up exclusively wrapped in Parma ham and roasted with Rosemary, continually! Everywhere you looked, every menu there it was – Roasted Monkfish with Parma ham and cherry tomatoes…yawn.

My preference is the first incarnation – lightly breaded, herbed, cheesed and dunked in a really good tartar…but then I’m pretty bias, I grew up on this stuff!


1 full Monkfish tail (medium sized and boned)

1 bag of fresh breadcrumbs

1 egg beaten with a splash of milk

200 grams plain flour

2 tbs fresh chopped Rosemary

100 grams fresh grated Parmesan

Salt and black pepper

Veg oil for shallow frying


Step1: Kick off by combining the Parmesan, Rosemary and breadcrumbs

Step2: Set up your egg-wash, flour and mixed bread crumbs in 3 separate dishes. Rule of thumb here – one hand for wet and one for dry.

Step3: Cut the monkfish into goujons (fish fingers to you and me!) season them well then dredge through the flour, egg then bread crumb mix twice – makes for extra crispy Goujons.

Step4: Simply set aside in the fridge to set for about 10 minutes and get on with the Tartar sauce.

 for the Tartar Sauce

4 tbs mayo

1 tbs capers

3-4 gerkins

1 hard boiled egg

2 tbs white wine vinegar

Bunch of freshly chopped parsley

for the Tartar Sauce

Step5: Easy stuff here – roughly chop parsley, capers, egg and gerkins and combine with the mayo and white wine vinegar. Option here is to add chopped dill – I do these occasionally so this is mood dependent!

Step6: To cook the Goujons simply bring the oil up to speed – about 180c and in batches shallow fry the Monkfish until golden brown and serve immediately with the Tartar sauce.

Fat assed chips with fat assed scampi is your own call…….but it would be a good one 😉




4 thoughts on “Monkfish Goujons with a Parmesan crust

  1. It’s challenging to make this type of fried food look delicious (instead of just tasting so), but you have achieved it, my friend. They practically jump out at you. Kudos.

  2. These are no ordinary fish and chips. I’ve never been served monkfish this way but it sure does sound good. I think it’s time I give it a try, your tartar sauce and all. Thanks!

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