Dead easy Tomato Salad

This is not rocket science at all, but it s groovy little way is presenting a simple side salad if you’re into the whole ‘presentation’ thing.

I find that tomatoes can be the single most tasteless fruit on the face of the planet, especially if you get those rock hard ones out of Tesco that should really be on a pool table. Where ever you get yours I recommend leaving them on the kitchen window sill for a couple of days before you go near them, it lets them ripen up a bit more. Even better again, grow your own – you can grow tomatoes in a pair of boxer shorts hung from a nail on the wall it’s that easy – but you must have sunlight – if you live in a cave forget about it.
That’s it!!

The above dish is simple just sliced tomato, arranged in a circle, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice with a  hand full of rocket set in the centre – simple and pretty. If you fancy an twist on this you can add slices of mozzarella between the tomato and basil leaves in the middle and taa daaa Caprese Salad.

Dead easy.

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