Cob Loaf

Another really groovy loaf that won’t look outta place sitting on your Auntie Peggy’s farm house kitchen table. This is exactly the same recipe as the simple white loaf but this thing is super crusty – up to 11 on the crust-o-metre.

1 Loaf
500 grams strong white bread flour
10 grams fast yeast
10 grams salt
300 grams luke warm water
1 tbs sugar or honey – optional
1 Dish of water for ‘steam’ ie crusty maker

Mix the flour, salt and yeast in a deep bowl
Mix the yeast with the water, then add to the flour mix
Bring the mixture together first with a fork then get your mits in and get a dough ball going, turn this out onto a floured board and begin kneading. It’s important to stretch the dough so pull it away from you when kneading in order to get the gluten going in the flour – 10minutes of this at least.

After this form the dough into a ball, it should feel really smooth (if it isn’t then keep kneading) and springy. Bop this back in the bowl and leave for about 1 hr to rise:

After the dough has risen, knock it back (hit it hard and knock the air out) then form it into what ever shape you fancy – in this case I’ve made a great big ball and cut 4 slashes into the top…..cos it looks pretty 🙂 Leave it to prove for about 20minutes (ie 2nd rise).

Bake this is in a really hot oven, as high as yours will go. But slip a dish of water on the bottom shelf, this creates steam in your oven and ensures you get a good old crust to your bread. Bake for around 25-35minutes – tap for hollowness.

Now make a chicken bap.

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