Stuffed Parma rolls

My Dad grows quite a lot of his own veg, fruit (and chickens) and his Rocket is without doubt the greatest I have ever stuffed into my face. Rocket’s main characteristic is it’s pepper qualities, good rocket should take your head off :). This dish takes advatnage of that and marries it up with salty, sweet and creamy – it’s a cool little starter if you serve it like I have here or you can make lots of smaller rolls and serve them as ‘Ambassadors nibbles to be followed closely by the obligatory “Ferrari Rochers”.

1 plate:
Fresh rocket
1 slice of Parma (or quality ham of your preference)
5-6 anchovies (not the tinned salted boyos, get the fresh ones from a deli counter)
About a tablespoon of crumbled hard cheese like Pecorino or Parmesan
A couple of balls of goats cheese and some cherry tomatoes
Hunk of homemade bread
Good olive oil

First sort out the anchovies, they usually come already oiled but I find adding garlic, lemon juice and flat leaf parsley really brings them up.Crumble some hard cheese and cut a doorstep of bread.

Lay out one slice of Parma
Lay the anchovies, cheese and rocket at one end of the ham then roll it up (seed the pic above)

Simple as that. Serve with the goats cheese, tomatoes and bread and moisted everything with the oil. You can also saute off the tomatoes with a dash of red wine vinegar and some sugar it makes a magic sweet tomato ‘crush’.

Salty, creamy, sweet and substantial as a summer starter.

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