Easy Crispy Pork and Prawn Wontons

I could eat these all day – but be careful they are highly addictive and fairly calorific! If you have a good Asian supermarket anywhere near you take full advantage of it. They are full of some bizarre stuff like hens feet and and monkey fingers (not really) but they will make your move into far Eastern flavourings really easy.

This is good Friday night fayre, post pub – make sure you have a good supply of Tiger or Shinghai beer in the fridge and large pile of sweet chili dipping sauce.

Makes 12 wontons:

12 Wonton Wrappers – in the freezer section of Asian Markets
4 pork chops, trim all the fat
100 grams of raw prawns
1 Tbs fish sauce
1 tbs light (strong) Soy sauce
2 large spring onions
1 egg yolk
4 cloves garlic
Thumb end of fresh ginger peeled

Dice the pork and prawns then lash all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz to what will look like baby food!

Now, you need to start regulating the flavour of the filling you just made. Take a pinch of the mixture and gently fry in a pan, taste and then if it needs more seasoning etc do it now. When you’re happy with it then start filling the wrappers.

 Brush the edges of the wrappers with water to make em stick and drop a tps of your filling dead centre of each, bring up the edges and form a ‘purse’ see the pic above. Or you can simply fold them in half to form a crescent which is the traditional.

Deep fry them, serve with sweet chili dipping sauce, soy sauce or oyster sauce…….don’t forget the beer.

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