Grilled chicken with feta

If you fancy something really light on a  day when the sun is splittin’ the stones then you can’t really go far wrong with this. It’s an arrangement rather than a cooking dish.

2 plates:
2 Large chicken breasts well seasoned
3-4 pickle peppers sliced
White cabbage – shredded
Cherry tomatoes
Grilled artichoke hearts (Deli)
Lambs lettuce, Chard leaves, baby spinach
Capers to scatter
Feta cheese

Grill off the seasoned chicken, feel it through the cooking – when it’s firm then get it out. To be super dooper sure cut a slash in it and make sure there’s no pink.

Cool  down completely and slice the chicken at an angle into 4 pieces

Arrange the leaves and assorted veg on a clean white plate and drizzle with whatever dressing you feel like – my own preference is 3 parts Oil, 1 part Lemon Juice, Dried oregano, 1 tps Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to season. Put all of these into a small jam jar and shake up well.

Arrange the chicken on the leaves etc, top off witha block of Feta and scatter over the capers.

Done and dusted – glass of cold white wine!

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