Anchovies fall into the ‘love them or hate them’ category or at least the tinned, salted variety do (which, by the way are an integral part of flavouring in millions of dishes and are a great substitute for salt).

These bad boys (above) aren’t the common or garden tinned lads and you probably wouldn’t lash them onto a Pizza. They are instead, anchovies in their natural state, post cooking and not salted hence the lovely white flesh and silvery skin.

You can get these from literally any deli and some good supermarkets do them as well and they come into their own as a tapas style dish served with other tapas classics.

Drain the anchovies then and all you have to do is pep them up with good olive oil, minced garlic, little salt and pepper, chopped flat leaf parsley and  a good squeeze of lemon juice.

These are also great with simple fried potatoes or my own favourite potatas bravas loaded to the back teeth with chili!!!

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