Clare’s Smoothie – the world’s greatest.

I think smoothies are a very personal thing, you’re either into them or your not. My better and lovelier other half Clare makes this bad boy and it is without doubt the greatest smoothie known to man!

According to Clare there’s no real science involved here – it’s a handful of this and a handful of that which is what I love about this type of thing….just bung in what you have and see what happens.

1 banana
1 handful of frozen red berries
2 handfuls of chopped mango
2 handfuls of chopped pineapple
A good splash of orange juice and apple juice
Low fat strawberry yogurt

Sling all of the above into a blender and taaaa daaaaa – worlds bestest smoothie!

If you dig your smoothies and you want to get your kids into the kitchen with smoothie making then why not check out my pal Amy’s brilliant site here – loads of great recipes for kids!

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