Green Prawn Curry

Once you get the hang of making spice and curry pastes there’s really nothing you can’t do with them, as well as forming the basis for great currys like this green prawn curry they are also super groovy in fried rice and spicy soup dishes. This is my version of a Thai Green curry – it’s not the classical paste as I’ve left out Lemon Grass but added fresh coriander instead…so in effect it’s a ‘My’ Green Curry……see what I did there.

2 Plates:
10 raw prawns – the big ones!
2 waxy spuds cooked, cubed and cooled.
1/2 tin Coconut milk
2 tps Mango Chutney

To make the curry sauce – start with the Green Curry paste

1/2 white onion finely diced
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
Handful fresh coriander stemmed and chopped
1 Tps cumin seeds
5 mild or mental hot green chilies depending on how brave your feel 😉
1 Tps minced ginger
1 Tps shrimp paste
Couple of glugs of veg oil
1/2 tps salt
4-5 black pepper corns
Batter all of the above in a mortar of blitzer to form a paste

Get the paste into the pan and and start to cook out – as always have a little stock at hand to loosen if you need to. When the paste has had maybe 5 minutes get in with the coconut milk and mix well together and you start to see the beginning of you green curry sauce – simmer on a really low heat.

Now, there’s two ways you can go here – you can drop in the raw prawns straight into the sauce and cook out or like me you can get another pan on the hob, fire it up and get the prawns into this with chili oil (or powder) and a little salt. Cook them out until the take on a little nut colour (the addition of butter is a nice little touch here). When the prawns are done sling them into the Green Curry Sauce along with the cooled cubed spuds – warm through, scatter in some freshly diced green chili and chopped Coriander and serve with Rice and Naan.

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