Pork Cutletta, Lime and CHIPS!

Fried Funkiness

I’ve eaten pork Chops/Cutlets all  my life, usually grill, roasted or fried with spuds and a regulation veg…fair enough, nothing wild there. After having this dish I’ll never really be able to do a ‘standard’ pork chop again!

After a really hard and heavy day swimming in the Ionian Sea last week, the last thing I though I wanted was a pile of chops and a hunk of fried pig……….how wrong I was. This was probably the lightest dish I ate over the course of the last couple of weeks and as a result of this lightness I found myself getting into a knife fight with an Italian Nonna for the last piece….needless to say she won……and won well!

Cutletta for 4
4 big pork chops – the fat ones from the butchers still on the bone – at least 1 & 1/2 inch thick
Flour and egg for ‘dredging’

Firstly you need to flatten out the Pork, lay a sheet of cling on you work top which is 2-3 times the size of the meat. Drop on the Pork and sling another sheet of cling on top. You need need to go Reservoir Dogs on the meat with a meat mallet, hammer, brick, small child….basically whatever you can to flatten it to about 1/2 inch.

Do this with all 4 chops then season well.

Next get your ‘dredge’ together – flour in one dish, egg wash in another (whisked egg and a little milk), bread crumbs in the last. Dip your meat in each (in order) until you have nicely crumbed meat, shake of any excess bread, and sling the meat in the fridge if you have to but this is best served immediately after crumbing.

Get your deep fryer of choice rolling, check the heat though as breadcrumbs will burn like a Nun’s knickers, bop a piece of bread in and if it slowly rises to the top and bubbles you’re ready. These Cutlettas will take very little time to cook, literally 3-4 minutes in the oil and then sling into a hot oven to finish, to check they are cooked, just stick a knife in ’em and look – no pink = cooked.

That’s it, serve with salted chips…BUT…..the main thing that makes this, that really, really makes this is fresh lime juice squeezed over the meat…..fried funkiness!!!!

One more thing – make sure the bread crumbs you make or buy are seriously, seriously fine – blitz them to a dust if you have to because this is what makes the entire thing light as a feather!!

Christina and Sandro literally get stuck in
Me…..really ready for a fried food!

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