Breakfast in bed

For me breakfast is an institution, if I had to loose 2 out the 3 meals in the day it would be lunch and dinner no contest. Breakfast is your introduction to reality every day – get it wrong and the day’s in the bucket before you walk out the door! No matter what mood I find myself in when I waken up breakfast only serves to ensure my mood is nothing short of groovy. I’m not a huge eater on the week day morning, it usually just tea, toast, cheese and my beloved veggimite but that’s enough to see me float out the door!

Weekends take on a different twist though, weekend breakfast is a different ball game – this is when you can devote an inordinate amount of time to breakfast, savouring the process in your knickers standing in a cool kitchen knowing that the frying bacon, spitting eggs in the pan and home made bread toasting under the grill will soon be accompanying you back to the sanctity of the warm bed! Nothing suggests a better Saturday morning to me than bread crumbs strewn around the covers and a little wifey with a dopey grin on her face wanting more tea!

Take note, your day is not being set up properly if you don’t have breakfast bric-a-brack lying around your bedroom, if you stand on a fork or a spoon and curse the Gods just remember that your belly is full, your bed is warm and you look stupid shouting at the ceiling in the nude!

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