Cider Roasted Pork Loin

Pork Loin roasted with Cider

So I recently had my kitchen completely rebuilt, in fact half my house was demolished and I built a kitchen in it’s place. And, the most obvious meal to cook was a Sunday roast……post serious kitchen opening party the previous Friday night! My kitchen was designed and built by two of the most amazing crafts men on the island of Ireland – Buster and Frank of Healy Mangan Kitchens check them out if you need a real kitchen…not just yoru Ikea crapola!

With the weather turning and the leaves hitting the deck its time to start thinking about warm, homely feasts particularly for lazy autumnal Sundays post a brisk walk on a freezing cold beach – this pork loin is marinated in cider for 12 hours then roasted fast for crisp crackling and sticky gravy!

Serves 4 

1 Pork Loin

1 can of good cider

2 medium red onions chunked

1 whole bulb of garlic halved

Sea salt and cracked black pepper

tbs all purpose flour

500mls chicken stock

This is quick and easy! Steep the loin in the cider for at least 12 hours, when you’re ready to cook then crank the oven to full tilt, season the loin well with salt and pepper set it on a trivet of the red onions then sling in the oven uncovered for 1 hour.

After the hour cover the loin with foil, drop the heat to 3/4’s then continue for another 30minutes.

To finish, crank the heat up full, uncover the pork for the last 10 minutes to really brown the meat up and crisp the crackly. Remove the pork and wrap in foil, leave for at least 10 minutes to rest before you even think about carving!

While the pork is resting crack on with the gravy, sling the roasting tray directly onto the hob throw in the flour with the cooking juices and scrape it around to get all the bits off the bottom of the tray, then in with the stock and a little of the cider. Thicken things up and that’s your gravy and pork done!

Serve with the veg of your choice but for me it’s gotsta be mashed carrots and parsnips and jacket spuds all the way!!

Welcome to Autumn Sundays!!

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