For the weekend that’s in wet and horrible!

Here are some of my most favourite ‘wet weekender’ comfort recipes!

Rioja Braised Oxtail

Oxtail is one of the most underrated cuts from the beast, but it is starting to make it’s presence felt across many good butchers and even the super markets are taking notice. One full oxtail will only look after about 2 people, it has limited meat and is mostly cartildge…that doesn’t really sell it but believe me when I say the meat is sublime when cooked in a good red wine for at least 3 hours and serving ot with a buttery mash and fresh greens like cabbage is a absolute must!

Oxtail Braised in Red Wine

Pork Belly with crackling

Another ‘cheap cut’ that used to find it’s way onto the floor in butcher’s shops is Belly Pork. These cuts that require time and a little effort fell out of favour through the 70’s and 80’s simply becuase the overriding drive was for speed and convenience – having to cook a piece of meat for 3-4 hours was not an option! Happily trends and fashion change and now our cheap friend will run you over E20 for a lump that will look after 6-8 people!

Pork Belly 2

Simple Beef Curry

Who doesn’t love curry??? Spicy, hot, exotic and laden with melt in the mouth beef – works for me! I use shin beef in this recipe, again a cut that used to be minced or slung at the dog. If you can get Shin on teh bone grab it with both hands simply becuase cooking with the bone releases the Marrow which is a huge contributor to flavour


Hungarian Beef Parikesh

Goulash is something that when I think about makes me just feel warm…..this dish is full of paprika, chunks of marinaded beef and a stock that will put lead in your boots!

Hungarian Beef
Beef Paprikash

Beef Short Ribs

These are a BBQ favourite but require a good 2-3 hours braising, then a good coating of BBQ sauce before being slung on the grill. Given the weather here I simply braise them in wine and serve them up Sunday lunch stylie! Few buthcers carry beefo short ribs which is  a shame so ask them to get them in for you!


Pulled Pork

God’s own invention – pulled pork is a religion is some places and is the bi-product of low and slow pork belly – this recipe is essentially wht to do with left overs!

Pulled Pork 2

Cider roasted Loin of Pork

For me this is the king of Sunday’s, I’m not interested in Pork Loin any other day of the week – it has a certain regality about it! Cook this with a good quality cider like Macivors

Roasted Pork Loin with cider
Cider roasted Pork Loin

Sunday Shoulder of Lamb

Another Sunday favourite……or a Friday night post pub munchie! Shoudler of lamb demands long slow cooking – clock out at least 4 hours for this bad boy and you will be rewarded with an enormous kick of flavour!

Long slow cooked lamb
4 hour shoulder of lamb

Rack of Lamb with  a herb Crust

Now, this cut rarely features on my list – it is a cracker don’t get me wrong, but I consider Rack to be a ‘showy-offy’ dish – something to impress/intimidate the neighbours!

Rack of lamb witha herb crust
Rack of Lamb with a Herb Crust

lamb Shanks – Low and Slow

The first tiem I bout 4 lamb shanks it cost my £2.00……12months later they cost £14.00…figure that one out!

Slow cooked Lamb
Braised Lamb Shanks

lamb Roganjosh

Last in the list – the mighty Roganjosh!!

Curried lamb
Lamb Rogan Josh

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