Herb Crusted Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb witha  herb crust

Basil and Parsley Crusted lamb

Rack of Lamb aint cheap, and there aint a hell of a lot of meat on it…but…it is dam good (especially when you get 2 for the price of one – thanks Fenelons). Rack of lamb is a statement, if you have people over and you’re serving them rack of lamb that’s the same as saying “I love you, I have always loved you and I will always love you”….simple as that!

This dish is probably the fastest Sunday lunch you can spin up, it takes very little cooking time but does need a little bit of prep work.

Serves 2 (with a  bit left over)

1 full rack of lamb (usually 7 ribs)

2 slices of stale white bread

handful of fresh flat leaf parsley and the same of fresh basil

50 Grams Parmesan cheese

Dijon mustard

Kick off by browining the rack of lamb well all over, season then set aside to cool. Next spin onto he herb crust – sling the bread, basil, parsley and cheese into a food processor and blitz well until you have herby crumbs.

When the lamb is cooled smear with the mustard then literlaly plaster the herb crust onto the lamb – the mustard will help it stick.

Sling the lamb into a 3/4 tilt oven uncovered for 20minutes, the cover the herbed lamb with foil and finish off for a further 10 minutes depending on how rare you like you meat. 30minutes will give you a nice rare piece of meat.

Serve with creamed savoy and spinach and a few well golden roat potatoes.

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