Asparagus and Courgette Frittata

Frittata with Asparagus
Creamy asparagus Frittata

Star Gazy Asparagus Frittata

The first time I saw a genuine ‘Start Gazy’ pie it knocked me sideways, a pastry topped sea food pie with lobster heads peeking up out of the buttery puff pastry as if gazing at the stars from a buttery sea – it’s a thing of beauty!! I’ve yet to attempt one but the other night I quite by accident spun up this ‘star gazy’ frittata with asparagus…not exactly lobster but the effect is the same 🙂

Serves 2 hungry people or of a polite disposition (yeah right!)

6 free range eggs – beaten well and seasoned

8 mature asparagus spears – sauted till cooked (just) and sliced on the angle (keep the tips)

1 full block of feta cheese – cubed

100 grams of baby potatoes – cooke, sliced and seasoned

1/2 red onion – well browned

So this is something of an assembly dish, the ingredients (except the egg) are pre-cooked and cooled. To kick off get a deep- ish frying pan on the gas, oil it and bring it up to a medium heat.

Next combined all of the cooled ingredients in the pan and make sure they cover the cooking area. Then add the egg and make sure it just covers the ingredients, finally add the asparagus tips pointed towards the stars.

Cooking is in 2 stages – hob and grill – start off getting the base going on a medium heat on the hob until you see the sides start to firm up, this will take  afew minutes. Then, finsih the frittata under a hot grill, it will go a nice golden brown but you do want a little wobble in the middle, no good having a totally dried out frittata!

And that it – my Star Gazy Frittata – great brunch number and even better cold with potato salad and slaws!

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