Moroccan Stylie Chicken

North Arican Style Chicken
Spiced Chicken thighs


To be completely honest this dish is only ‘Moroccan’ because I used North African spices, there wasn’t any Moroccan dude slim up to me and slip me this recipe…but you get the drift here…hence Moroccan stylie!

This dish works best with chicken thighs, they have more flavour more fat and are less expensive than the breast which has a tendency to dry out and has half the flavour. This is  a simple midweek job, easy to put together and quick to cook. 

Spiced Chicken Thighs, cous-cous and Chorizo Courgette

Moroccan rub

2tps ground ginger

2tps ground cummin

2 tps sweet paprika

2 tps garlic salt

1 tps tumeric

1 tps white pepper

2 tbs olive oil

4 large chicken thighs halved

2 small courgettes

100mls chicken stock

100grms cous-cous

2 cloves garlic

100mls tomato pasata

100 grams chopped cooking chorizo

Start by making the ‘Moroccan’ rub or the chicken thighs, combine the ‘rub’ ingredients and cover the chicken – leave to marinate or at least 1 hour in the fridge.

When you are ready to cook, sling the chicken under a hot grill, cooking will take 2-3 minute on each side so you have 6 minutes to get the Cous-Cous done and the Chorizo courgette together.

Add 100mls chicken stock to the Cous Cous in a bowl, cover with a plate and leave to ‘plump’ up – 6 minutes.

Next sling the courgette into a pan with the garlic, oil and a sprinkle of cumin when the courgette has softened then sling in the chorizo and cook out or about 1 minute or until the chorizo starts to release its oils.

Serve with Houmous, Greens and warm pitas






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