Roasted chicken and root veg – One Tray Wonder

Roasted Chicken and root veg
‘One Tray Wonder’ chicken, leek and courgette bake

I’m not a fan of food that is ‘faffy’ – towers, tweels,swipes,pyramids blah, blah, blah, I do admit that faffy food looks great but I couldn’t be bothered getting into the architecture of this type of foodery. Nope, just give me the food on the plate in whatever way it happens to fall, as long as it tatses great and looks edible I’m happy. That’s the way I like to cook and this dish is a primo example of that – a few simple ingredients slung in a baking tray, introduced to one another via the medium of intelligent seasoning and fused with heat! 

Serves 4

8 bone in chicken thighs

1 large leek, chunked

1 large courgette, chunked

2 tbs of red pepper pesto

sea salt and cracked black pepper

Olive oil

This is one of the simplest recipes you will ever encounter and is a mid week winner – 30minutes from start to finish.

Kick off by rubbing the chicken with the red pepper pesto, season well. Sling the root veg into a large baking tray then lay the chicken thighs ontop. Drizzle over some olive oil to get thinsg ick started then bounce everything into a full tilt oven for about 30minutes or until the chicken is cooked and teh veg is tender.

You can baste occassionaly as the chicken and veg will give out their juices and create this dishes own sauce.

And that, is that!

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