Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Jack O Lanterns
Halloween Pumpkins

Say helloooo to ‘Abbot and Costello’!

I absolutely adore Halloween, always have and always will. I love spooky and creepy and freaky. This stems back to my child hood when my Uncle Frank would let me watch bad (great) 80’s horror movies with him – Friday 13th, Halloween, The exorcist, Poltergeist – these movies all scared the living hell out of me and formed the basis of everything I think about Halloween.

If you’re planning a bit of a Halloween food fest later then check out these recipes for quick and easy finger foods!


The Death Row Burger with Murder Sauce

Beef Burger
Halloween Burger with Murder Sauce


Satan’s own ribs!




Zombie fingers

BBQ'd Chicken Wings
BBQ’d Chicken Wings


Claws from the deep!!!

Claw from the deep!
Claws from the deep!



Hell’s Gate Beef

BBQ chicken and fried rice
BBQ chicken and fried rice






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