Simply Carbonara

Real Carbonara
Authentic Carbonara

No cream please……we’re Italian

Fortunatley/unfortunately I have literally loads of ‘comfort foods’ and they are nearly all pasta based. I think this is a throw back to my childhood where pasta figured pretty heavily and it’s a time of my life I look back on with happiness and a huge sense of safety.  It also helps that this type of food it ridiculously easy to whip up if you’re feeling crappy 🙂

The old skool favourite Sag Bol saw me through some though times in Uni – my Mothers recipe – but these days I find solace with Carbonara…….proper Carbonara ie creamless!

If you can then make your own pasta, at least once. Yes it is a bit of work and yes it can be friggin’ messy but the pay off is worth it and so what if a little 00 flour hits the deck….get a hoover!

Serves 4

400 grams fresh pasta – what ever you like, I’ve used Paperadelle here

4 eggs yolks – free range

200 grams good Parmagiano cheese, freshly grated

A lot of freshly ground black pepper

No dam cream!

Kick off by mixing the eggs and cheese in a large bowl, you will be adding the hot cooked pasta to it straight from the water which will cook it out and create a silky Carbonara sauce. Next get enough salted water to a rolling boil and sling in the pasta.

If it’s fresh pasta you are using it will take no more than 2 minutes to cook, even less so keep a close eye on it. When the pasta is done drain off nearly all the water but leave some behind as this will form the basis of your Carbonarfa sauce, I’v ekep quite a bit on this pic as I prefer a ‘wetter’ Carnonara.

To bring the dish together just  tip the pasta and remaining salted water into the eggs and cheese mis and combine well – typically a good tossing in the bowl will do the job – and you will begin to see the eggs change colour as tehy are lightly cooked by the heat from the pasta and the water.

Simply serve in with cracked black pepper – this is essential as this is where Carbonara gots it name from!




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