Duck Liver Parfait

Duck Liver Pate
Creamy Duck Parfait


I’m  a sucker for Pates, Terrines and Parfaits – put me in a French bistro that excels at this wonderful stuff and you will need a couple of wild horses to get me out. I still find it hard to get my head around the fact that a bowl of offal can be turned into one of the worlds best delacacies. I have to drop in a bit of a caveate here though…I ain’t a huge fan of Fois Gras…and yes, it is for those reasons. I’ve had it once, it took me to a place of peace and tranquility, it danced on my pallet and made love to my senses…..then I remembered what it was and hwo it was created…fuck that never again!

Duck Liver Parfait – serving 8 (well)

600grms duck livers

250 grms good butter

1 red onion finley diced

1 cloves of garlic minced

splash of Brandy and Port


So there are a couple of cooking methods when it comes to Pates, Terrines and Parfaits – this happens to be the lazy mans version and a good start point if you have never made any of these before. Start your Parfait by soaking the Duck Livers in milk over night, this will remove any bitterness.

Next simply fry the livers in butter in batches  until just cooked – there needs to be a little pinkness or else you will have a grainy Parfait. Just before the livers are done spalsh in the Brandy and Port and flame off the booze, tip out the livers and allow to cool completely.

Next simply sweat the onion and garlic, add to the cool livers and season well with salt and pepper.

In a food processor combine the livers, onions and the butter until you have a smooth paste. At this stage you can simply put the Parfait into moulds and chill or to really make it silky push the mix through a fine sieve.

The parfait will set in the fridge as the butter sets so then top it off with some clarified butter which is essentially a preserving agent – it keeps the air out.

The Parfait will freeze well for a couple of weeks so if you are planning to have this on Christmas Day this is one job out pof the way already!







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