Good old Scampi!

Deep Fried Breaded prawns
Breaded Tiger Prawns
Breaded Tiger Prawns


Scampi with from scratch Tartar sauce.

I need to get a deep fat fryer….I’m terrible at this particular type of cooking, when I say terrible I actually mean I’m a messy fucker. Hot fat everywhere…I’ve done myself some serious injuries with molten fat over the years and I still have the scars to prove it. Maybe that’s the universes way of telling me I should lay off the deep frying……

Still, there’s no argument to made here – some things just rock when they have been battered or breaded then deep fried in a good rape seed oil and prawns/scampi for me is possibly the best by a country mile! I have no idea where the word Scampi came from…the 70’s I think, it was a staple for me around the age of 6 and it was all I would eat. Now the word Scampi simply lives on the side of a packet of bar snacks….pah, what an inglorious end!

So this is the homage to the mighty Scampi served with homemade Tartar sauce.

Serving 2

12 fat tiger prawns

400grms good quality breadcrumbs

1 litre rape seed oil

5 tbs Homemade mayo – Recipe here

3 large gerkins finely chopped

Handful of capers finley chopped

Handful chopped parsley

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Salt and pepper

Flour and a beaten egg for breading.


Kick things off by making the Tartar sauce – combine the gerkins, capers, parsley and lemon juice with the homemade mayonnaise, season and done! How easy is that – forget the shop bought stuff.

Next get the prawns breaded – individually flour, dip in the beaten egg and then bread crumb each prawn and set to one side.

Fire up the oil and sling in a piece of bread – when it floats and fizzles then the oil is hot enough – deep fry the prawns for only about 90 seconds (they cook quick!). Whip out of the oil, drain and serve on a bed of rocket with the homemade tartar.

Scampi…..the 70’s have a lot to answer for!













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