Spiced Cod with Fragrant rice

Fish Curry
Spiced Cod with fragrant rice

How to cook breakfast like a boss!

The greatest breakfast I have ever had (or I am ever likely to have) was in the Observatory Hotel in Sydney with Clare, an absolute cracker of a place not a kick-in-the-arse away from the Bridge. I’ve alway been of the opinion that breakfast has to be a dish that ‘eases’ you into the day, eggs over easy, hot buttered toast or bacon in a bap – warm, ‘comfy’ food. But on that trip to Sydney, on the 3rd morning I had my eyes opened and my life changed for the better, for ever.

As a break from the standard scrambled eggs and toast I was getting used to I decided that this other dish that had been vying for my attention was worth a look. It was a spiced rice omelette with shrimp, pork and spring onions. It sounded amazing….for a dinner dish but scrambled eggs were beginning to pour out of my ears so I went for it.

This omelette lifted my head from its moorings as a result of the spice, but it wasn’t ‘fire-engines at dawn’, this was a wonderful etheric ‘high’ I was experiencing and I was turbo charged for the day – I was due to fly up to Cairns later that day……after this amazing omelette I could have run faster than most planes!


WHAT YOU NEED: serves 2

150grms Basmati rice cooked and cooled completely

1 full Cod fillet, pin-boned and skinned

1 small red onion

1 tbs tomato paste

2 cloves garlic

2 tps minced ginger

2 tps garam masala

1 full birds eye chili

2 tps salt

3-4 glugs of olive oil


4 medium hard-boiled eggs minced up.


Step1: Kick things off by making a spice paste, the rice will be fried in this.

Step2: In a mortar and pestle pound the garlic, chili, salt , oil, tomato paste, garam masala and red onion – set to one side. Take the cod and poach it in enough milk to just cover it – use a wide shallow frying pan – this will take about 4-5 minutes. Remove the cod, cool and flake it.

Step3: To bring the dish together take the same wide frying pan and add a few glugs of oil, bring up teh heat and add the spice paste – cook thsi out for about 3 minutes then straight in with the cooled rice and toss well in the paste.

Step4: The rice will take on a nice golden colour, when it is well coated add the eggs and the fish and combine well and warm all the way through.

Step5: Finish the dish with loadsa fresh parsley and serve it for breakfast

Some of the more observant of you will have realised that this dish is pretty similar to Kedgeree, well….it is 🙂







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