Epic baby Back Ribs, Slaw and Homemade chips

Pork Ribs
Baby Backs, Slaw and Homemade chips

The Flinstones have nothin’ on these Baby Back Ribs!

If there is one thing that will make me grunt, stoop and drag my knuckles it’s Ribs – Pork Ribs and in particluar Baby Back Pork ribs. I’d like to think these were God’s very first Christmas present to Adam if you’re into the whole Creationism thang or Batman of you aint.

Either way, ribs represent everything that is ‘base’ in man – flesh, fire, tearing, ripping – there is no polite way to eat ribs and for that I am thankful – they are a great leveller!


If you take anything from this post, anything at all then please take this –  the only sure way to ensure you make brilliant ribs is to get them from a brilliant Butcher – go local and stay local!

Big shout out to my friends at Fenelon’s for supplying these bad boys!

Pork Ribs
Prepping Baby Back Ribs


Serves 4

4 full Baby Back Racks

2 tbs smoked paprika
2 tps ground black pepper
1tbs salt
1 tbs chili powder
1 tbs ground cumin
1 tbs brown sugar
2tps cayenne pepper

Kick things off by creating your ‘Rib Rub’ – this recipe is from the very groovy JD Sherman –  hit him up on twitter @j_d_sherman

Take all of the above ingredients and combine well, scatter liberally over your baby back ribs then wrap them tightly in cling film. leave for a good 12 hours in the fridge allowing the rub to get right into the meat, the cling wrap will make your ribs sweat, opening the meat and letting the rub do the voodoo it does do so well.

Now JD smokes his ribs and for that I consider him a hero…us mear mortals may have to satisfy oursleves with the ‘low and slow’ oven method. Sling the racks onto baking trays, douse with a little Bourbon then cover tightly with foil – next, ribs into a low oven for 2 hours at 120c.

After the 2 hour the ribs will be ‘fall apart’, let them cool and baste them with the roasting liquid – then straight under the grill/broiller or onto the BB! to crisp and finish.

Serve with creamy slaw and fat assed chips!











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