Bailys & Oreo Cheese Cake

Bailys Cheesecake

The fastest, easiest Bailys cheesecake

I’m not a dessert guy, as previously mentioned but there is something about cheesecake that really gets me excited. I scan the dessert menus real quick – no cheese board or cheesecake and I’m having coffee and tequila for pudding!

This resistance to desserts also figures in my cooking, unless I can find something quick and easy my diner guests usually end up bringing their own.

Makes enough for two…in one jar

Orea cookies – 120grams
Double cream – 120 mils
Cream Cheese – 1 pack of plain cream cheese
Bailys – 2 tbs spoons
‘Decorative’ chocolate balls – a scattering of
Butter – 35 grams real butter
Sugar – 4 tbs (or to you own taste)
Kick off by making the base, remove the white centre of the cookies and discard – wazz the cookies to a bread crumb consistency and place into a bowl.
Melt the butter and combine with the cookies, mix well with a wooden spoon the arrange into the bottom of a mid sized kilner jar. Pat down well then into a fridge to tighten up for about 30minutes.
Next whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks, then in with the cream cheese, sugar and Bailys – combine well then add on top of the cookie base after it has chilled well.
Finish by adding a full Oreo cookie and a scattering of the chocolate decorations.
How easy is that!





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