The Parma Frittata

Serrano Ham Frittata

The Italian Frittata mark 2!

Ok, ok, ok – so I spun up a pretty cool frittata this time last week….what can I tell you….I’m on an egg kick at the minute…and I love frittati.

This time, I’ve kicked it up a gear and added Serrano ham and holy moly does it make a huge difference!

Give this a shot because it might just put pizza on your endangered list!


Serves 4

8 whole free range eggs beaten and seasoned well with Salt and pepper

1/2 a medium courgette sliced thinly

1 small red onion sliced

4 medium Maris Piper spuds cooked, cooled and sliced to 1/2 cm

50mls chicken stock

Handful fresh basil

1/2 block of feta

4-5 slices of Serano ham


Right – making and Italian Frittata is a simple assembly and two ‘heat source’ dish – first built, started on the hob then finished under the grill.

Kick off by frying the onion and courgette in a wide frying pan until fully cooked through, add the stock and reduce until gone. Make sure you cover the whole of the pan evenly with the onion and courgette when cooked.

Arrange the spuds evenly on top of the onions and courgette and season with salt and basil then crumble over the Feta evenly.

Beat the eggs really, really well – fluffy, then pour over the spuds, onion and courgette and get the pan back on a medium heat for about 2 to 2.5 minutes then straight under a screaming hot grill to finish – this will take about 4-5 minutes or until the surface is ‘tight’.

Serve  with crusty bread and a crisp cider – I recommend Mac Ivors Medium



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