The Classic Roast Rib Eye




I’m not a big ‘Sunday Lunch’ type of person but when I think about Sunday Lunch the image I get is of a monster slab of beef – which in truth is not what I want to pop into my head there’s way more to this. But it’s popular convention in this particular part of the planet that causes this along with the social circles I grew up in. I always thought it weird when my school friends would drop everything during a Sunday afternoon bike-a-round and run home to  a monster Roast Beef dinner at 12noon. What is this strange Sunday convention my friends are ‘plauged with’ thunk I as I hung around till 7 or 8pm to get stuck into a Carbonara with my parents.

Now, having said that I do dig beef a lot so I’ve been tweaking a perfect Sunday Roast over the last few years which I wheel out to friends and family and for me this is the best way to treat the Sunday Roast:

Roast Rib of beef (bone on or off) – 2kg serving a 8 people (easy)

4 tbs Dijon mustard

2 tbs cracked black pepper

2 tbs salt flakes

1 big sprig of fresh rosemary

1 bottle of great dark ale

1 large white onion

1 tps Anchovie paste

The real ‘trick’ to a good roast starts at the Butcher’s shop – everything else is window dressing as far as I’m concerned. Talk to the lads behind the counter, know them, let them get to know you – if your butcher doesn’t engage with you then forget about them move to another one. My local butcher won’t sell me anything unless they have quizzed me on what I intend to do with the meat and then what they would recommend I do with it! That indicates top quality product!!

Kick things off by browning the meat – I use a shallow baking tray straight on the hob flames, in with some olive oil and brown really, really well all over. Next season liberally with the salt and pepper before ‘painting the joint with the Dijon can of course use whatever mustard you want but make sure it’s got a punch.

Thickly slice the onion and scatter into the roasting tin, add the ale and the achovie paste then pop on the beef – next the cooking times:

For me it has to be medium rare and to achieve this follow these steps:

2kgs and under

20minutes at 240c – then 60minutes at 150 (I like to baste regularly)  I use a meat thermometer, as soon as it hits 55c I take the meat out regardless of elapsed time. I cover it with foil then a towel and leave rest for 15minutes – this gets me to where I want to be – medium rare. Next thickly slice the meat and serve in the same tin it was roasted in – simply side up with roast spuds and veg like carrots, parnsnips and runner beans.

No fafing with gravy making – just use the juice from the beef










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