Classic Rocket Pesto

Peppery Rocket Pesto

I have an addiction to pestos plain and simple – sundried tomato, Basil and in this case rocket. For me the pesto is the classic pasta sauce. Don’t get me wrong I dig Bolognese and Carbonara as much as the next man but they are omnipresent – a good pesto can be hard to track down…….so make yoru own I say!

Pesto is predominantly olive oil so it can keep for quite some time but what gives this pesto it’s true punch is the pine nuts and the Parmigiano cheese. Traditionally a pesto is Basil based but a pesto is just anything created in a mortar and pestle so I’ve gone with the classic cousin to the Basil which is the peppery Rocket Pesto.

Enough for a small kilner jar full

50grams fresh rocket

40 grams pine nuts

40 grams fresh parmesan cheese

2 cloves garlic

Salt flakes and cracked black pepper to season]

Squeeze of lemon juice

120 mls extra virgin olive oil


This doesn’t get any easier – pop everything into a food processor and wazz together until you get the consistency you want. I like it quite smooth but just go with what you feel. Also, you can lightly toast the pine nuts on a dry frying pan to release more of teh pine flavour – personally I don’t I have more of a bent towards the Parmesan!!

Top serve simply cook off your favourite pasta, drain then add a couple of tablespoons of your pesto and combine well and that’s it!

Your pesto will keep for a couepl of weeks just make sure you keep it in a well sealed jar and topped up with oil to stap teh air getting to it.


4 thoughts on “Classic Rocket Pesto

      1. That’s what I expected Conor – but oddly not, I found myself adding additional Black pepper. This ois great but I’m now knwo that the classic is where I fly my flag!

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