‘Big Bertha’ – Mozzarella, Mortadella & Spud Fritatta

Big Bertha

I call this beauty ‘Big Bertha’….for the somewhat obvious reasons. This is the mighty Frittata at it’s very, very best – large, loaded and light as a feather….a heck of a trick if you can pull it off….which you will if you follow this pretty simple recipe.

The best way to enjoy this Italian master-piece is to serve it straight up directly from the pan it’s created in – there is no pomp or circumstance here this speaks plainly and boldly for itself but if you feel like bells and whistle then pour a frothy Peroni or Raffo with it.

INGREDIENTS  – serves 4

8 large free range eggs

1 large ball of quality Buffalo mozzarella – roughly cubed

8 slices of deli bought Mortadella – roughly shredded

4 medium Maris Piper spuds – cooked, cooled and sliced to 1cm thick

50 mls good chicken stock

1 large white onion

2 cloves garlic

No step by step this time lads and laddies, this is a recipe from a wee while ago when my endurance for snapping steps was not what it is now.


Kick off by slicing the onion and frying with the garlic in some olive oil until lightly browned, soft and sweet. Add the stock and reduce until almost gone. Remove from the pan and leave to cool.

In a large bowl mix the eggs well until really, really frothy this is where you get to ensure the end result is light and airy. Season liberally with salt and cracked black pepper. Next dump in the sliced spuds and onions and combine gently.

Get a wide (12″) frying pan on the heat, clip in with a big knob of butter and melt. Gently pour in the spud, onion and egg mix and reduce the heat to medium.

As the egg mix begins to set scatter over the mozzarella and the mortadella.

Next sling the Frittata, still in the pan under a hot grill and brown up the top of Bertha – to test if its done shake it in the pan, if it starts to come away from the sides you are done.

Slip out onto a board, serve with a green salad and the suggested Italian frothies

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