Pie 2# – Steak and Ale Pie

Steam Pie
Still cold…still viable comfort food weather!

So all it takes to get me into the kitchen going pie-nuts is a stiff breeze on a wind-sweat Dublin beach in February…a chicken Caesar salad just wont cut it after that long sandy stride. And, I only make these kinda pies between December and April, I’m a bit anal that way because it just doesn’t seem right…I mean Steak and Ale pie in June?! Nah – that BBQ weather even if it’s pissin’ down 🙂

You may have caught my last pie recipe which was the glorious Chicken and Mushroom well this one is absolutely unashamedly the same……only with Steak and Ale..I see no reason to deviate from a winner formula as far as the sides goes 🙂

WHAT YOU NEED: makes 2

1lb quality shin beef on the bone

2 medium carrots

200mls chicken stock

1 bottle really good English pale ale (stuff patriotism)

1 small bunch fresh thyme

Plain flour

1 tbs tomato puree

English mustard powder

Salt flakes and cracked black pepper

2 sheets of ready rolled puff pastry


Step1: So as we’re using shin beef here we gotta do a little cooking before the pie is made – treat this then like a stew or casserole. Kick off by creating a dredge using the flour and mustard powder. 4 tbs flour to 1 tbs mustard powder along with a generous blast of seasoning.

Step2: Chunk the shin beef from the bone and dredge through the mustard mix – keep the bones handy.

Step3: Brown the beef in 2 batches – you want a really deep colour and carmelisation to ensure a deep sauce.

Step4: Next up chunk the carrots roughly and drop into a deep pot, add the browned beef, chicken stock, tomato puree and ale and bring to a boil.Step3:

Step5: Pre-heat the oven to 140c, clip on a tight lid to the pot and sling into the oven for 2 hours or until the beef is falling apart. Next let it cool completely.

Step6: To build the pie get your hands on two individual pie dishes, cut out four large circles from the puff pastry using the pie dishes as a guide. One circle for the body and one for the lid, neatly mould one of the pastry circles into the pie dish then scoop in the cold beef filling, brush egg wash around the lip then pop on the lid and crimp well.

Step7: Finally brush the pie lids with the remaining egg wash and baked for 35-40 minutes.

Done deal – serve this beauty with the standard issue mushy peas and gravied mash!

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