‘Almost’ Caprese…actually..this is better…..

Nearly Caprese

First an apology…the image you are staring at is an instagram and I have absolutely no clue why its gone soft focus, that was not my intention..I reckon I got olive oil on the friggin’ lens…so…sorry 😦

So I say this a lot, but I reckon that if I was staring down the barrel of my last meal it would have to be this ‘almost’ Caprese salad……ahh who am I kidding, its good but it ain’t that good…gimmie a bacon bap and I’ll take the bullet no quibbles……and a lamb curry……..or a chicken pie……ok I’m stopping here.

But, in all honesty the might Caprese is a thing of wonder and beauty but only if you have exceptional ingredients – there is absolutely nowhere to hide with this salad, all the elements need to literally knock yer socks off if one fails to pull its weight……well…..do you have a dog? 

Ingredients – serves 2

2 great handfuls of rocket (as I say its ‘almost’ a Caprese)

Top shelf quality rapeseed oil (see above in brackets)

2 large, well ripe tomatoes

2 balls of top drawer mozzarella cheese

Juice of 1/2 lemon

freshly cracked black pepper

Perfect early summer supper this – and fast as hell –

Chop up the tomatoes roughly, throw on a bright white plate. Rip up the cheese and sling onto the toms then scatter over the fresh rocket.

Finish with lugs of rapeseed, lemon juice and crack black pepper.

That’s it – crack open some freezing cold white Pino and dig into this in your garden……..or execution chamber….:)


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