Chickpeas with yogurt, lemon and chilli

Great with kebabs

I recently wrote a blog post on what I serve with my BBQ ribs and I talked a little about my attitude towards food/recipes as ‘sides’ – this Chickpea recipe is an extension of that and for me is another perfect example of a dish that has the ability to stand on its own two feet ie you wouldn’t be classed a weirdo freak if you ordered it and only it in any restaurant!

All cards on the table though I am going through a bit of an eclectic ‘plate-up’ right now which I think is driven chiefly by the fact that it’s now officially summer and that the garden is starting to produce some incredible stuff – beets, spring onion, lettuce, radish, courgette………felling very spoilt this time of year!

Chickpea salad
All in!!



1 tin chickpeas (if you wanna be lazy and not soak)

Handful of fresh parsley

Juice of half a lemon

2 tbs Greek style yogurt

1 tps cumin powder

1 tps turmeric

Salt and cracked black to season

Snatch of chili flakes


Not a hell of  a lot to this ladies and gents – simply drain the chickpeas and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Ideally you want a heady mix of zesty and perfumed spices brought together in a creamy mix of nuttyness and yogurt.

This is great along with a couple of othe rof my all time favourites Lebanese chicken kebabs or these serious Falafels!


Chickpea salad
All in!!

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